The season for being merry is here, around this time many people look forward to travelling to various destinations just to wind down from what was a long year of fruitful work. During the holiday season, it is crucial to make the right bookings for recreation venues and accommodation as well. Booking in time is a very important aspect so as to avoid disappointment of finding places fully taken up due to delay in payments.

The aim of travelling is to relax ; step one of doing that is to travel conveniently and as light as possible. This includes eliminating situations of carrying bulk chunks of money to make payments. Most people choose to spend their holidays in Africa because of the very many activities and sights that the continent boasts of.

Most tourists coming from outside the continent choose to make payments and bookings with their cards to avoid the risk of moving with too much cash.

It is a brilliant idea although it is often hindered by the fact that Africa’s accommodation facilities and places of touring use different payment modes from those used by visiting tourists.

Businesses are advised to make their clients payment methods a paramount factor. Not does only it encourage more frequent visits but attracts new guests as well due to the marvel that payment convenience creates. Which brings me the question :-

How can Tours, Travels and accommodation companies accept payments more conveniently in Africa

Tours, travels and payments are built for each other. Let the platform that million dollar companies trust to process their payments from africa help you take care of your payments.

Tour businesses, resorts, hotels, lodges and the like should incorporate with Dusupay which enables them to have a host of payment modes that they can receive funds using through Dusupay.

Dusupay allows a business’ clients to pay with online payment modes that they are used to while the business receives the payments for bookings through a mode they are familiar with.

Dusupay extends its knowledge of African payment dynamics to simplify transactions in the tour and accommodation business.