• Do you have a business that deals in Tour and Travel with an online presence targeted towards Africa?
  • Would you like to make your service more convenient for your customers and the audience?

Here is how :

Among the many ways one can entice the people of Africa into dealing with one’s tours and travel brand over every other is through simplifying the payment system so as not to repel a customer hoping to pay.

After the tussle of marketing and product publicity, it all comes down to whether your website has a payment mode compatible and convenient with the country that your clients come from.

For those targeting or already operating among African countries, you have to be well aware that mobile wallets are the core form of payment on the continent but there are some countries / regions that staunchly rely on online banking and card payment systems.

This means that Africa has a host of payment modes depending on laws in the country, the networks involved and the banking systems – this can be overwhelming for business owners that have to integrate payment modes in all these countries.

What is the loophole for successful tour and travel companies dealing in Africa

As commonly said, tours and travel companies with payments are built for each other – Let the platform that million dollar companies trust to process their payments from Africa help you take care of your payments as well.

DusuPay allows businesses to collect payments from across the continent on mobile wallets, cards and online banking systems for the business allowing the company to focus on other parts of its growth : DusuPay Tours and Travel