Recently compiled statistics show that Ugandans are the most frequent senders of remittances back home, with an ever growing number of Ugandans expanding the horizon in search of better opportunities beyond their borders in order to provide for people they are acquainted to.

Further analysis shows that on a monthly basis, Ugandans send money home 4 times as compared to 3.5 times for their Kenyan neighbours and once for majority of other African nations .

The reason for this convenience that allows Ugandans to transact frequently is the fact that systems have been put in place allowing those in the diaspora to send directly to mobile wallets of those back home. This has enabled remittances to be sent and received 24/7 from platforms that ensure this is a reality.

Remittances moving to Uganda when portrayed through a sample remittance company depicted a sum of $84 million sent each year to the East African nation through one avenue.

What is Uganda’s biggest avenue for remittance businesses to pay out

DusuPay was designed to work with, and better money transfer for Ugandans by facilitating the process of money movement for involved remittance companies.

Uganda is largely dominated by people that prefer to use mobile wallets because of the quick accessibility to their money so remittance companies are advised to lean towards platforms that deal with mobile money.

DusuPay has enabled Ugandan money transfer operators to send directly to mobile money in Uganda through the DusuPay services that ensures that the intended receiver gets the money as quickly and as conveniently as possible.

Courtesy of DusuPay

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