Being able to receive payments online means transferring funds from a client’s account to the provider through a trusted platform that doesn’t involve physical meeting and exchanging of hard cash.

In the case of Sports betting in Nigeria, the trend of these companies setting up physical branches and stalls all over the country is outdated – the whole process of finding the right place to set up, cost on the set up and time spent doing this is too expensive a venture for most betting companies due to the vast size of Nigeria.

Nigeria’s betting phenomenon

Nigerians especially those from 14 to 45  years have embraced betting and sports betting to be more precise. Football fans these days not only support their teams for the love of it but also to earn money from predicting scores, match results and others.

With football and other games being aired on a daily basis, most Nigerians place their bets on these teams and for some, this has become a full time occupation.Sports betting is popular in most Nigerian cities and rural areas due to the undying love for soccer, an estimate of 60% of the population has a betting account or has engaged in betting at a point.

From 2007 when betting companies started coming into Nigeria, a time when it was an alien concept to the current days where there are less betting kiosks and more online platforms that people use. Users access betting information and are able to place bets online at their convenience – a direction that has made the betting numbers increase further due to the fact that you can bet from anywhere at anytime.

How Betting companies are receiving payments in Nigeria 

Aside from the minority that still go to the physical branches, Nigerians have utilized betting companies with an online platform, surveys have shown that betting companies with an online presence are preferred to those without one.

Most betting companies have endeavored to incorporate the various debit card systems on their websites and partnered with banks to enable them receive money from their clients online.

The challenge however is that incorporating all the online payment systems on a business’ website is near impossible and difficult to say the least. Not to mention the cost factor.

The better alternative for betting companies aiming at penetrating and capturing a wider scope of the market is through using Dusupay.

How betting companies can benefit from Dusupay

DUSUPAY bridges the transaction gap between the clients and the respective betting companies through its streamlined infrastructure that allows the company to collect payments placed on bets without having branches in every particular state of Nigeria leaving the burden of collecting money from the various pay modes to Dusupay.

All the companies have to do is create a merchant account and for those that wish, incorporate a Dusupay Application Programming Interface on their website.

Here is the procedure to sign up for dusupay

  1. Go to   in any browser of your choice
  2. Click Sign up or simply go to the link here
  3. Fill in your phone number and password. Ensure that your phone number is correct including the country code.
  4. Phone confirmation stating your phone number with “A verification code will be sent to your phone number”  click continue for the verification to be sent to your phone
  5. A code will be sent to your phone
  6. input the code to complete verification

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