Africa is evolving towards total economic empowerment, one of the biggest aspects of this evolution is the continent having its own payment systems that bring convenience to the people instead of emulating foreign pay modes that don’t fit the cloth.

What works for the western world may in most scenarios not work in Africa – as a business investing time and resources into the continent, it is important to tap into the difference rather than trying to force “alien” ways onto the people of Africa – a thing that has produced continuous failure.

It would make more sense to tap into the varying local preferred payment alternatives rather than expecting the world to pay you the way you are accustomed to in your region. Anything out of that would be detrimental to your business dealing with Africa.

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Here is what you need to know when choosing a payment service provider in Africa

  1. Africa has 54 different countries.
  2. Each of these countries has a different locally preferred mode of paying and accepting payments
  3. Card Payments account for less than 2% of all payments in Africa

How you can save while making transactions

As a business, Choose a service provider that gives you the ability to seamlessly collect and pay out to multiple countries with one single integration across Africa.

With DusuPay, your business can accept payments from and Pay out to whichever country they want in Africa at the lowest transaction costs on the market.

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