Cameroon is one of the countries where betting is legal, and this is rightly justified because people all over the country have an undying passion for sports particularly soccer. The country’s population of over 24 million people as of 2016 has a core share of it that relies on betting as a daily way of life.

In the capital city Yaounde, half of the population is actively involved in betting, a habit that has been transformed into a source of income for people from all walks of life within the city. This shows the impact of betting in the capital alone, not forgetting the influence of those in other parts of Cameroon which is far bigger.

The growth of mobile Payments and online betting

In recent years, the craze of mobile money has stirred up Cameroon’s economy with people being able to smoothly send and receive money to and from all parts of Cameroon.

With recent innovations as well, international betting companies have realised that Africa as a whole and Cameroon as a case study have embraced the use of smart phones and internet related services which sprung a bubble of opportunity that attracts these companies to venture into Cameroon allowing the introduction of online betting.

The Card payment system vs Cameroon’s  mobile money

International Betting companies are normally reliant on the card payment system as their form of paying out and receiving money from their die hard clients whereas Cameroon has embraced the use of mobile Payment services controlled by the dominant telecoms in the country i.e MTN Cameroon and Orange.


Initially it was tricky for betting power houses to go round this glitch in business opportunity but with DUSUPAY, Betting companies are assured of paying and receiving money throughout the whole of Cameroon.

DUSUPAY connects the betting companies with their customers by being the bridge that links mobile money with the card payment alternatives. In this way, customers won’t be irked by having to join the card systems they aren’t used to and as well, Betting companies don’t have to subscribe to mobile money which they aren’t familiar with but either way,  betting transactions continue to occur.

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