DusuPay is quickly becoming the standard of how Forex companies prefer to accept and make payments with Africa. For the companies that dont already know, Africa’s payment eco-system in quite different from what the western world knows. Unlike the west where everyone pays by Credit/debit cards, Africa is comprised of several modes of payment ranging from mobile money wallets like MPESA (Kenya), MTN mobile money in Uganda, Airtel money and so many of these, Online banking and even local card providers like Verve (a replica of visa).

The reason the conversion out of Africa has been largely because of the disconnect of what the rest of the world thinks Africa should pay like and how Africa actually pays. DusuPay is bridging this gap. The company is connecting global businesses to Africa and facilitating how hundreds of millions are paid from Africa to the world and vice versa.

LionsFx.com is yet another Forex company that has caught this wave. They integrated the DusuPay API on there website to facilitate how Africa Traders pay the broker to trade and get paid back in case withdraw is requested.

Africa’s time is now. We are seeing more and more trading companies extend to Africa. Do not get left behind. Accept payments from Africa powered by DusuPay

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