Dusupay is officially live in Ghana – For stakeholders, this implies that businesses and people in Ghana can process payments online from local mobile money wallets like Airtel, MTN and Tigo with any other payment mode across Africa and a host of alternatives beyond the continent.

Dusupay is building infrastructure that you can use to accept payments from all across Africa – Ghana is now connected to the rest of the world through the various integrations that link the mobile and banking systems in Ghana with what the world has to offer.

In business, Time is key, time lost means money lost ; therefore the opportunity to get rid of integrations with multiple telecoms for mobile payments is a big bonus – enabling businesses to simply accept payments from other parts of the world seamlessly, this comes as a way out for most businesses that want to transact in Ghana but aren’t comfortable with Mobile money.

Dusupay understands that Ghana is a mobile money induced economy which means anytime the people need funds, they can withdraw off their mobile wallets – this convenience is what Ghana and Africa live for, therefore telling the people to see things differently is a hard nut to crack.

Investors and businesses venturing into Ghana should be aware of the above when coming into the country. The rest of the world might be comfortable with the card payment systems but any comparison in Ghana displays the hard facts that under half of the population own a bank account whereas up to 90% of people own at least one mobile phone registered to mobile money further showing the dominion that mobile money possesses in Ghana.

The facts don’t lie but as mentioned however, businesses have a way out in Ghana, reaching greater market heights for better business outcome courtesy of Dusupay. 

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