Sport is a passionately followed phenomenon in Ghana where people pledge their undying allegiance to the cause of backing a team or a number of teams in their quest to emerge victorious in whatever discipline they might belong to. 65% of people in Ghana spend their free time either actively participating in sport or passively observing the progress of their teams locally and internationally.

As much as betting is a largely foreign concept in Africa , countries like Ghana have taken to it with arms wide open because it combines their passion for sport with an avenue to reap big.

The time when this came presented a totally new dimension for Ghana where sport went from being a mere hobby to a fully blown income earning activity, even for fans.

Sports betting has greatly impacted the economy and the people of Ghana, with more than half of the adult population actively engaging in online sports betting with precise focus on football both within and abroad. A host of betting companies have infiltrated this market setting up both physical stalls and with time online platforms to enable Ghanaians access the best avenues to engage in betting.

Payment is key in the betting industry as these companies need to be aware of how their clients will be paying them and how they shall also be sending winnings to respective customers.

Ghana’s payment system has been largely controlled by Mobile telecoms that introduced mobile money ; this service has greatly influenced people’s money movement due to its simplicity and flexibility in use regardless of location. Mobile money in the country is bossed by three telecoms in MTN mobile money, Tigo and Airtel money that majority of the economy use as their ultimate payment alternative.

More betting companies are transitioning to online platforms because of the less costs incurred as compared to having physical stalls. Betting companies operating in Ghana are normally accustomed to banks and their related card payment systems but still receive payments and pay winners in Ghana on mobile money.

How is this possible
This is done through Dusupay which links betting companies to clients in Ghana – when these companies open merchant accounts, they gain the access to receive bets from mobile money while also paying winners from their card systems to Ghana’s mobile money.

Betting companies with online platforms have found transacting in Ghana easy because of the ability to seamlessly accept large amounts of payments on bets without fretting over the various pay modes since Dusupay brings all these payments together under one platform of pay.

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