Business operations in Cameroon have taken a turn for the better- faster service delivery and with it even quicker and more convenient payment alternatives making transactions happen instantly.

The internet has been embraced by people in Cameroon who have also pushed for online payments to become a prime necessity. Businesses have been left with no option but to have an online payment presence that can enable them accept money from their customers and pay out as well. After all, why would someone risk moving distances with money when they can pay within seconds using online payment platforms.

The various telecom companies in Cameroon have led to an increase in mobile usage among the people due to the various conveniences it provides – among the many services these telecom companies have provided in Cameroon is mobile money.

Mobile money has become the most popular alternative for cash lite payment because of the ease it provides i.e many locals have registered for mobile money because they can :-

  • Send and receive money from anywhere and at any time.
  • The fact that almost everyone has at least one mobile phone enables businesses to liaise with a wider base of people as compared to banks that are mostly urban located.
  • Mobile money has less limitations, paperwork and rules – people have a bias over banks that dictate when and how you should spend which is the opposite with mobile payment services.

Therefore businesses that deal with people in Cameroon are advised to customize their payment options to suit the people they serve instead of forcing them to use banks. Businesses should be aware that mobile money is majorly dominated by MTN Cameroon and Orange money Cameroon.

Businesses that aren’t familiar with Cameroon’s mobile money are advised to use Dusupay as their solution to bridging the payment gap with the locals in the country. Integrating with Dusupay allows businesses to accept payments using one platform that enables the locals to pay using their mobile money while the businesses receive payments on their prefered payment platform.

Dusupay provides the avenue on which businesses can accept payments from the various mobile money platforms in Cameroon.