Rwanda’s online payment landscape has taken a step ahead when it comes to businesses transacting on a day to day with their clients. Businesses trying to reach the country’s population of 12.1 million people has to devise means of ensuring that they receive payments from customers across the country as swiftly and conveniently as possible.

Rwanda has chosen mobile money as its money transfer platform – the ability to send and receive money instantaneously has made it possible for businesses to deal with clients in even the furthest parts of Rwanda. The fact that everyone owns a mobile phone i the country means that it is easier to transact using mobile money as compared to banks.

Approximately 8.9 million people have mobile phones which is a percentage of 73.6 % showing just how viable it is for businesses to tailor their services through mobile transfer services.

The country has 6.5 million mobile money users as of 2016, a number that continues to grow at a very high rate meaning even those in rural areas can make payments to businesses from wherever they might be located and at any time.

Rwanda’s mobile money is largely controlled by Tigo, Airtel money and the most dominant of all, MTN mobile money – sometimes foreign businesses can get overwhelmed with the realisation that they have to incorporate with all the above mentioned which is costly and time cosuming.

But with DUSUPAY in Rwanda, that is nolonger the case – Dusupay strealines Rwanda’s payments under one avenue for online payments to be made. Businesses can now receive money through one seamless platform regardless of which mobile money or bank service is used. Saving businesses time and money.