South Africa has established a solid and efficient banking system that ensures money movement in the economy occurs as swiftly and safely as possible in order to facilitate operations between businesses and their clients.

The money movement system in South Africa is handled by a group of banks that have more than capably utilised their authority to manage the country’s business transactions i.e ABSA, Nedbank, FNB, Capitec bank and Standard bank.

South Africa has a developed online banking system supplemented with various bank cards that ensure that businesses easily accept payments from locals regardless of location around the country making it easier for clients to pay conveniently, limit chances of theft and minimize on transaction processing time.

The banking system has been very much appreciated by businesses coming into the country since it has made it easier for them to settle in and focus on the more important business aspects due to the convenient procedures of accepting payments from customers.

The icing on the cake is that online payments in South Africa have been further boosted with Dusupay – Dusupay’s platform allows businesses accept online payments at once under one avenue of money transfer from all five core banks in the country. With this, businesses can seamlessly carry out their transactions regardless of which bank their clients choose to pay through.