Businesses should be aware of the fact that Tanzania is paying more attention to online payments due to the global e-commerce revolution. Businesses in Tanzania are setting up an online presence so as to have the ability to accept payments for goods sold and services rendered with ease.

It is also crucial to understand that payments have evolved differently all over Africa. Clients in Tanzania prefer to pay using the country’s various mobile money wallets just like its neighbours ; Kenya clients prefer to pay with MPESA, Uganda clients with MTN mobile money and Airtel money mainly.

In this day and age, businesses have to start thinking globally and embrace the technology that suits this cause – clients can be in any part of Tanzania or the world for that matter but can pay for services at any point. When choosing a payment partner in Tanzania, businesses need to choose an alternative that covers all clients regardless of location and payment preference.

Dusupay does exactly that, providing a platform that businesses can use when collecting payments from clients in Tanzania who use Vodacom Mpesa, Tigo pesa and Airtel money. Dusupay enables businesses to receive payments online from the mobile wallets used in Tanzania without necessarily being a part of them.

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