Foreign companies targeting the Ugandan market need to understand that mobile money is the most convenient way to get payments made for their services from clients. Other modes such as cards and banking systems are used by less than 15% of the population because with mobile money, one can make transactions wherever they are and at any time since everyone owns a mobile phone registered to mobile money.

Why Mobile money is what it is in Uganda?

  • Swift money movement across the country instantly
  • Convenience for the people regardless as long as one owns a mobile phone
  • Simple, quick automated services

International businesses coming into Uganda might not be familiar with Uganda’s mobile money i.e MTN and Airtel mobile money services but can still benefit from the Ugandan demand through the use of Dusupay – which helps businesses accept payments from people in Uganda from their mobile money

These foreign businesses from regions with different payment systems than those of Uganda have the advantage through Dusupay .

Dusupay aims at streamlining business across the continent because they understand Africa’s payment scope.