Nigeria is among the “black sheep” of Africa who didn’t catch the mobile money “bug”. The Nigerian authorities and people decided to look beyond the convenience of a money sending feature controlled by telecom companies and instead worked on developing a standard banking system that serves the Nigerian economy just as well.

The Nigerian banking systems established a card payment option that the people use as their core money sending alternative across the country. The most prominent card systems used are MasterCard, Verve and Visa card that works majority of Nigerians when sending money and accepting payments.

Ghana on the other hand rides the tide of mobile money and how incredibly it has served very many economies in Africa – Unlike their earlier mentioned West African counterparts, Ghana uses mobile money as its major form of sending and receiving money across the country with the service controlled by the big telecoms in the land i.e MTN, Airtel and Tigo with Vodafone slowly joining the market.

Ghana, as well has a fairly developed banking system that is used by a small number of people however people choose to go for the simpler mobile money than opting for the more formal and paperwork oriented banking.

So, how then do people in Ghana and Nigeria transact across economies driven by distinct payment norms ??

Dusupay is live in both countries ; an online platform that powers how people and businesses accept and pay out money across Africa – has provided a potent solution for both countries to transact across borders.

Dusupay is integrated with Mastercard, Visa Card and Verve systems which are highly used in Nigeria but in Ghana as well, it is integrated with Mtn mobile money, Airtel money and Tigo that more than half of the people use.

How the interconnection works – Businesses in Nigeria can send money using their card system through Dusupay which links it to the recipient in Ghana who conveniently receives the funds on their mobile money. The reverse is true, sending from Ghana’s mobile service to the bank card systems in Nigeria.

With this, business across the two west African countries just steered the dynamic towards economic development for Africa.

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