Back in the day, business owners had the enormous challenge of setting up physical stalls (branches) in every business centre or market in all cities and countries where they operated. This was done to ensure that the business reached people in all corners so as to make payments easier and in turn, capturing more people courtesy of this wide spread approach ; however  this only worked for companies with a certain resource level and more often than not, smaller upcoming enterprises could not keep up because of the large amount of capital needed to put this into effect.

Smaller companies resorted to specializing in some locations but this meant that the business didn’t really grow because their market share never seemed to grow as compared to those that actually reached out to where all their clients were – especially when it came to payments where many clients opted to go for the competitor with nearer branches due to close proximity.

Over the years, things changed for the better and with access to online platforms and the internet – businesses have been given a fairly equal playing field where these innovations allow a business big or small to transact with clients throughout Africa and worldwide.

Of course, the knowledge on how to use these platforms isn’t a given – businesses must understand the right avenues to go through in order to capture the targeted market share.

How so? One might ask….

In regards to payments, this still remains key in determining whether a business draws customers towards or away from them. One word comes to the fore – CONVENIENCE– Clients don’t like to stress while spending their money.

Therefore businesses need to find the most convenient online alternative to ensure customers access services and pay out easily.

In this case, Africa has an array of payment systems it uses with bank cards and mobile money systems as the core, but even these are split into very many sects depending on country and region, putting more light on the fact that Africa doesn’t have a unified payment system.

How then does it all come together?

Africa has resorted to using Dusupay which integrates an Application Programming Interface on the business’ website where clients can go and access an assortment of pay modes from which to choose and in turn the business receives payments on their normally used pay system. Dusupay eliminates the barrier between the pay modes but encourages continued continental transactions.

Africa taking strides in the right direction…….

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