Business is a pivotal aspect of the modern day economy and all entrepreneurs should be in the know on what to focus upon to ensure sustainability of business operation. Entrepreneurial activities have changed over the years with business enthusiasts expected to be very aggressive in these times that present the stiffest of economic competition. Here are some simple tools that can propel businesses to flourish in the current situation ;


Communication is crucial both within and outside the company, it is important for businesses to have effective means of communicating when coordinating the processes of production or service provision in their various departments and also when liaising with customers,investors and other external parties essential to business .


This helps communicate to owners, managers, and other stakeholders a company’s financial performance through which the concerned people can make better business decisions that enable the enterprise to remain on the intended commercial track.


The essence of business is transacting between those that need the service and those with the ability to provide, it eventually comes down to transaction no matter what kind of business . Exchanging physical cash was the original form of remuneration but with ever expanding business operations across boundaries, the need for e commerce was inevitable.

Despite the many online payment modes and their distinction according to geography, Dusupay helps bridge this gap in Africa with businesses not having to worry about the dilemma of various pay modes in different locations because they integrate all the payment alternatives on their service that businesses can use to smoothen their transaction processes.


Creating brand awareness is key in letting the clients know what the business has in store. However owners are advised to study the right marketing scheme to adopt so as to infiltrate the market and capture the intended demand and avoid mismarketing .


This aspect is quite simple but cuts across generically, from investors, managers, clients, the government and various other bodies, all are required to work hand in hand to overcome the various huddles that may limit business. Businesses and all connected can benefit from the venture from working together.

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