Africa is usually broken down into various payment segmentations varying with geography and the country’s laws on banks and telecommunication networks. Usually, one has to restrict themselves to a certain pay mode so as to access a given service that they would otherwise not have had if not on that pay mode.  

When you want to make an online payment, you either have to use a given online pay avenue e.g Visa, MasterCard etc, however when paying locally, mobile money could be the more convenient avenue if not hard cash.

Businesses venturing in Africa are often frustrated by these payment boundaries that they encounter in different countries due to the plethora of online payment platforms and the mobile wallets that the continent possesses that are distinctly distributed all over.

Payment restrictions are a thing of the past !!

DusuPay understands the dilemma that many companies face when targeting Africa and have made it their goal to ease the movement of funds across the continent regardless of what payment system or service the business or the end user is on.

A gateway that provides something different –  DusuPay gives businesses access to deal with online banking systems, card payments and mobile wallets all at ago.  Payment restrictions are a thing of the past as businesses can now deal with all payment platforms in Africa through one integration.

Your business enjoys the ability to be linked to customers and the payment  processors they prefer all in a single click.

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