Over the years, people have traveled overseas for a chance at decent job opportunities that would enable them attain a comfortable life for themselves and their loved ones. In most of these scenarios, the person leaves his family back home due to various reasons but is occasionally obliged to send home something (usually finances) to ensure that the loved ones can live well in their absence.

The significant geographical distance meant that sending the money had to require a person to returning home to do the delivery, which was not a regular occurrence thus unreliable or through mailing systems from which money often got lost en route.

With time, the process of sending and receiving money advanced but there stood and continues to stand a big hinderance on how money moves from the rest of the world to Africa ; The most sought after area for employment being Europe, has established banking systems where money can be wired easily on top of the array of money remittance services available whereas Africa has been charmed into the simplicity of using mobile money.

This made sending from abroad impossible in the initial stages and when it could happen, the costs alone greatly reduced the amounts people would send home.

The tides of remitting have greatly changed across Africa

 The emerging of Dusupay, an Africa wide brand aimed at easing money movement on the continent has greatly boosted the cause of money movement from beyond the continent.

How DUSUPAY has eased the sending of money from remittance companies to a mobile money induced Africa :-

  1. Dusupay liases with money remittance companies abroad enabling them to easily send money to the various pay systems in Africa.
  2. The awareness and understanding of African markets has ensured that Dusupayknows how best to send out money to people on the continent.
  3. Dusupay bridges the gap that prevents sending money between remittance companies and mobile money – people working abroad can send money through remittance companies convenient for them and their loved ones receive the money at the ease of the accustomed mobile money.
  4. The time and cost of sending money to loved ones has greatly been reduced courtesy of Dusupay.

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