For companies aiming to invest and transact across Africa, this is one of the most important aspects to put to thought. It is key to know how a business will receive payments for the services rendered. The basic 101 is mobile money is the dominant form of paying bills and money transfer within Africa.

Most businesses venturing in Africa are accustomed to bank related payment modes like cards such as Mastercard, Visa card etc. However in Africa, the card system is minimally used especially if compared to mobile money that commands a colossal share of the money movement cycle.

The challenge however is that there are as many mobile money service providers as there are telecommunication companies on the continent. With up to 90% of telecoms taking part in the service, this makes it quite stressful for a business to be part of all in order to capture a large client base.

The solution lies in the online platform provided that is Dusupay. With Dusupay, businesses are able to incorporate their icon on their business websites bringing all payment modes that customers need within one click using its Application Program Interface (API) that enables clients to pay to the businesses through the company website from the convenience of their various payment alternatives thus simplifying business across the African continent.

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