Sub Saharan Africa covers 46 countries, Six of which (Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya and Ghana), together account for over half of Sub Saharan Africa’s mobile subscribers. On top of which, these markets are forecast to add over 200 million new connections by 2020.
Currently these key markets service roughly 350 million mobile subscribers.

Tanzania in particular had more mobile money accounts per 1,000 adults in Tanzania than anywhere else in Africa. Interoperability, where people using one network can send money to mobile wallets of people using another, is now complete after Vodacom joined other networks earlier this year. Customers of Tigo, meanwhile, can also send money to Tigo customers in neighbouring Rwanda.

This interoperability is possible due to financial online innovations such as DUSUPAY which is a platform that enables businesses in Tanzania and globally to accept and make payments to other businesses or their clients irrespective of what pay mode they use or what geographical region they are located.

Tanzania’s economy has been boosted by the emerging of mobile money and better still the catalyst reaction that is DUSUPAY which bridges the differences in how businesses and clients pay and receive money.

With DUSUPAY, businesses are now able to achieve massive profits while at the same time being cost and time efficient in their transactions.

DUSUPAY now live in Tanzania :

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