Initially, when one needed something such as a commodity or a service, they had to physically track the provider down and negotiate terms under which they could get what they needed. This also meant that the customer in need had to move with tangible money so as to make payments which was often risky due to exposure to  theft.

Times have changed over the years – the introduction of various online platforms has boosted the consumer – provider transaction process ; less time is wasted in what used to be physical movement and the risk of money theft was greatly reduced.

However those are all stories of the past,the introduction of online platforms has enabled Africans all over the continent to make orders and payments online for commodities and services needed. Nigerians in particular have embraced the online payments that have allowed them to make transactions near and far in the shortest of time with just a few clicks.

Nigeria has a considerably developed banking system that supports online banking and also accommodates card payment systems such as Mastercard, Visa card and Verve which have made the transaction process faster and smoother.

In addition Nigeria has devised means of connecting with the rest of Africa, that is dominated by mobile money which isn’t used in Nigeria. Nigerians wishing to send and receive money to and from their online banking systems and card platforms to other forms of payment use DUSUPAY to help make the financial connection possible.

 When the need to make payments arises or money has to be transferred across different payment alternatives for instance from Mastercard to MTN Cameroon or vice versa, Nigeria has put its faith in DUSUPAY because it provides the ability to swiftly send across payment modes not to mention other necessities such as secure passage of the finances, low cost transactions, convenience and on spot delivery.

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