Our payment gateway platform helps merchants safely sell across country borders through the services we offer aiding global payments. https://www.dusupay.com/about

A few highlights:

  • Swift integration options with an array of options such as the API that suits businesses willing to accept payments through their website.
  • You have access to a variety of banks and mobile money services across Africa ensuring that they have the payment scope covered irrespective of what their clients use.
  • Emphasis on security to curb issues such as cyber hacking and loss of money that goes through our platforms – clients are guaranteed safety for their funds. .
  • Time efficiency – instant transfer of the funds across borders provided the payment options are incorporated with Dusupay.
  • The rest of the world gets the opportunity to penetrate the African market at the lowest cost possible leaving all the distribution work for Dusupay.
  • African businesses in turn get to receive payments from global businesses in whichever payment option they are comfortable with. Connecting African businesses to the rest of the world.

Businesses all over Africa have the competitive advantage to succeed, attracting clients all over Africa due to the convenience when clients need to pay. In addition, African businesses get to expand worldwide since they can easily accept payments globally.

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