Africa is steadily embracing technological innovations, being one of the fastest growing regions in the world in this regard. Businesses that used to look the other way when Africa was mentioned now see how it as one of the most lucrative, virtually untapped markets in the world.

It comes with no surprise that online payment platforms are being held with utmost priority since the continent continues to show a hunger for upgrade from the “dark times” it once faced. McKinsey’s Global Institute estimates that eCommerce will overtake traditional marketplaces by 2025, generating about $74 billion.

On a number of fronts, Africa is surely embracing more convenient transaction forms and payment modes, forsaking the traditionally accustomed to cash in hand exchange. African online shoppers and businesses seeking payments from clients can now rely on online payment alternatives to sort their needs. Businesses have a wider reach of the vast African market through these systems particularly the popular Mobile money services – controlled by the plethora of telecom companies in the area such as MTN, Airtel, Tigo, Vodacom, Safaricom, Orange and others ; mobile money transfer is the way for business to happen on this continent.

International companies finding their way to Africa have to be aware that with the various innovations that have been adopted on the continent, it is Africa’s way to use mobile money to transact – so much that even the banks have incorporated a system that pays out through mobile money. Simply because phones are owned by everyone and transactions can happen anywhere and anytime.

Africa’s payment guru ; Dusupay understands that international businesses don’t normally use mobile money therefore providing a platform that allows them to receive payments from their clients using an avenue that helps collect funds from the customers paying with mobile money and still provide foreign businesses with the funds collected on their accustomed to payment modes. With this, companies no longer have to worry about how to accept payments but simply enjoy the large demand that is the African market.

Africa’s leading online payment users – NIGERIA – chose Dusupay as their reliable link from mobile money to bank and vice versa therefore making it only logical business wise for venturing companies to follow suit so as to strive in the African market.

Kenya, which is another big business opportunity, is moving away from physical cash transactions as Mpesa has taken the nation by storm since its launch in 2007. The success of the mobile payment platform has changed the way many Kenyans interact with money – providing the ability to transfer directly using a mobile device that has proven to be revolutionary to say the least because everyone owns a mobile phone (rich or poor – urban situated or rural) as compared to banks that are owned by the elite few.

Kenya as well uses Dusupay as its prime avenue of streamlining payments from their Mpesa to other mobile money platforms or bank services showing how Dusupay has boosted online payments hence improving business.

Tanzania, South Africa, Cameroon, Rwanda, Uganda, Ghana and others can also pay testament to how online payment platforms powered through Dusupay have simplified business in the region.