Sending money around the world got a lot easier, businesses and individuals can instantly send money from all parts of the world to Africa at their convenience. Cameroon is one African nation that receives a large sum of money from money remittance as depicted in 2015, 1.2 billion dollars was estimated to be the amount that came into Cameroon from those sending back to the nation and the figure has doubled over the past year.

Most people and businesses sending money to Cameroon are very careful on who they pick to do the role of delivering their normally large sums of money to intended receivers. It is important to fully scrutinize and assess the modes of sending that are available to avoid falling victim to money theft.

There are various trusty worthy remittance companies that deliver money to Cameroon but the most notable being World remit and Ria money transfer.

How does a business that is fairly new to Africa and Cameroon in particular establish itself as a worthy money remittance tool for people sending money :

Money remittance companies intending to extend their services to Cameroon should note that mobile  money is the key form of receiving money in Cameroon with MTN Cameroon and Orange money being the biggest stakeholders in the market.

Remittance companies can give themselves an advantage in the market by using DUSUPAY to transfer money from all over the world and deliver it as quick as the word ‘’go’’  .

What are the benefits of using Dusupay to boost your remittance business

  • No need to waste resources on integrating with every payment system in Cameroon and other African countries as well.
  • DUSUPAY provides a platform for the money remittance company to easily pay out to intended recipients on an array of payment systems that it is integrated with.
  • No need to set up many physical branches in Cameroon therefore helping to cut costs.
  • Guaranteed a secure passage of the money moving from sender to receiver.
  • Time efficiency.

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