The creme de la creme of packages that DusuPay has to offer. Ideally, what every business needs in order to carry out transactions smoothly across the African continent.

Global businesses that have a target of conquering a large market share but with limited knowledge of the ones and twos of Africa’s payment scope ; this is the package for you. Without a doubt, worth every penny spent.

Why the corporate package is gold for businesses with an online payment platform :-

  1. Unlimited transactions for businesses and their clients. Forget the hustle of working with limitations.
  2. The lowest transaction fees – the worry of transaction costs is a thing of the past. Transact as much as you wish without the stress of spending tonnes.
  3. Has access to all the privileges of the other packages and more – Lacking is a myth when it comes to the corporate package.

Payouts on the corporate package

Payouts using corporate package are Nigeria (Banks), Ghana (banks), Rwanda (Mobile money), Tanzania (Mobile money and banks), Uganda (Mobile money), Cameroon (Mobile money), Kenya (banks), EU Banks, (Bank accounts), UK bank accounts.

On top of that, the business has access to ;

  • zero collection fees.
  • zero currency swap charges.
  • Only pay out fees are levied.

Ideal for large enterprises with a busy transaction flow but highly recommended for all businesses extending across the continent and those venturing into Africa.