It is no secret that the payment system in Ghana is transitioning thick and fast, paying for services and products  is changing from the traditionally used cash to more cash-less styles that people are quickly getting a drift of. Payment in form of hard cash has been greatly discouraged in Ghana for a number of reasons but one of the more specific ones is to avoid the risk of theft and bulkiness that businesses transacting in large sums are prone to.

To ensure that such complications are avoided, online payment methods were and continue to be greatly encouraged. Ghana has embraced the use of mobile money with MTN, TIGO and Airtel controlling mobile money. Banking too, though less influential, is also used by a smaller number of people but not as much as the mobile service.

61% of Ghana’s people agree with the relevance and convenience of the online payment set up in the country. More than half of the population currently sends money using mobile money across the country to complete transactions and to loved ones as well therefore further justifying that the mobile payment system is a big boost to Ghana’s ever growing economy.

Much as the system has been a big success locally, a question springs up as to how people in Ghana can make payments outside their borders considering that countries outside Ghana (in Africa and beyond ) have different payment systems.

Ghana has put its trust in DUSUPAY – when sending money to businesses and people outside Africa, DUSUPAY provides the platform on which recipients using different pay systems can be able to connect and break the barrier that complicates money movement. People in Ghana can now make payments all over Africa irrespective of a country’s payment system and as well receive money from beyond Africa at the convenience of their mobile money.

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