A package specifically tailored for majority of Africa’s entrepreneurs whether local or those looking to venture into Africa. Very affordable for businesses working in multiple countries on the continent with an aim to accept and payout in the various nations.

Why choose the Enterprise package

Evidently an upgrade from the Standard package, with 5000 transactions monthly at the businesses’ disposal. When comparing the subscription cost versus the benefits of this package, it is plain to see what side the scale tilts towards ~ “Numbers don’t lie” .

In this package, the business has access to the collection privileges from both Basic and Standard packages with added incentive – lower cost of transactions that the previous two.

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Paying out with Enterprise package gives you access to the following countries ;

  • Nigeria (Banks)
  • Ghana (Banks)
  • Rwanda (Mobile money)
  • Tanzania (Mobile money and bank)
  • Uganda. (Mobile money)
  • Cameroon (Mobile money)
  • Kenya (Banks)
  • EU Banks (Bank accounts)
  • UK bank accounts


The Enterprise package is tailored forOrganizations, businesses with re seller models with clients and re sellers in Africa, Betting and Gambling Companies, Forex and Financial Trading Companies, Debt Collection, Airlines, Finance Broker, Financial Consulting or Loan Modification Services, Exporting Services, Transport and Logistics Companies, Micro-Finance Entities. Just to mention but a few.

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