The initial perception for betting companies coming into Africa was that a betting business had to set up physical branches and kiosks wherever the company targeted – this was to enable people easily pay to betting companies who in turn had put up these stations to ensure they accepted payments conveniently.

Contrary to the above idea, this arrangement turned out to be a financial hell due to the high costs of setting up branches in every country, not to mention the cost of maintenance. This limited penetration into the African market to those that could handle the high capital requirements – but even for those that set up in various African countries, the returns weren’t as good as anticipated after the costs were settled.

Currently, Africa has witnessed many technological advancements which have simplified the way things are done on the continent – from mobile phones and their affiliated services to computers with the increased use of the internet have brought a dawn of hope for new businesses targeting the African market ; Sports betting in Africa

The introduction of online payment alternatives has lured many betting businesses into making sure they have an online presence because of a number of factors, some of which are :-

  • The convenience online payments offer betting customers to place bets from wherever they are regardless of location and time.
  • Betting companies have immensely reduced costs on expenses that used to be for setting up branches in almost every major city of their target countries in Africa.
  • The online payments reduce the risk of loss of money that would be open to theft when collected at physical stalls

Africa’s online payment alternatives

Africa’s payments consist majorly of mobile money and banks with their related card payments to a smaller extent. Therefore betting companies should be aware that there are a number of online payment options for the betting faithful in Africa i.e MTN mobile money, Mpesa, Airtel money, Orange money, Tigo pesa etc and Visa card, MasterCard as some of the card payment modes.

Collecting payments under one avenue

In addition to the above mentioned pay modes, Betting companies have the opportunity to collect payments from the entire continent using one platform that brings all the mentioned pay modes under one umbrella of collection courtesy of Dusupay.

Dusupay helps betting companies avoid the procedures of incorporating with various payment alternative. After all – why would they do that when they can join one that offers all the rest – using one stone to hit several birds.

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