Betting has become a lifestyle for many of Africans and with it, people want to make informed bets that are more than just random guess work hence the birth of sites that help people make informed decisions when placing bets.

Jolloftips is a company run by sporting experts who are well versed with statistics relating to sports around the world. They use cutting edge algorithms to provide you with accurate predictions of matches from all the top leagues in the world.

With properly researched and analysed information on leagues and team statistics, they are able to reach their goal of enabling customers tap into the benefits of Africa’s sports betting industry.

Jolloftips established itself in Nigeria offering their services that people paid for using the popular card systems of Nigeria. When the services gained more traction, not only from Nigeria but the rest of Africa – they needed a more viable solution as to how they could go about accepting payments.

Jolloftips made a decision to integrate with Dusupay as their trusted partner in moving money from wherever there is demand for the services across Africa. When the company was dealing with Nigeria solely, it was easy to handle payments from one country but dealing with multiple countries that have different payment modes from the variety Africa offers proved to be a challenge.

Luckily Jolloftips made the wise choice to partner with Dusupay that has seen the Jolloftips brand grow Africa wide because their website subscribers could now pay with payment platforms they have and Jolloftips could still collect payments conveniently as Dusupay seamlessly handled the transactions.

This has allowed Jolloftips to spread its wings to Cameroon, Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana and many others all because Dusupay helps collect payments for Jolloftips allowing them to focus on serving their subscribers better.

This is testament to the progress businesses make when partnering with Dusupay – Dusupay understands Africa’s payment ones and twos and gives businesses the time to comprehend the market and focus on better service provision.

After all, Time is Money

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