Technology has changed the face of African development, the assumption that Africans are not yet cut out for tech has been proved wrong, the common perception that Africa only needs basic services is a gross misconception from people that haven’t done their homework on the matter.

Nowhere else in the world has technology upgraded people’s daily lives like in Africa particularly in the guise of mobile services and applications. The continent has embraced these existing technologies, surpassing the rest of the world in delivery of such services.

At the moment, every African household owns at least one mobile phone, a feat that has made services such as mobile money a hit in most African countries as compared to elsewhere in the world where banking is the necessity – this is because people find it easier and more convenient to have one or two mobile money accounts before they have a bank account.

60% of these mobile phones in every household are smart phones and the popularity of these type of phones continues to grow along with the number of people that own them on the continent due to the ease they bring in completing day to day tasks – the internet has been fondly taken upon and businesses with an online presence are being appreciated more hence the competitive advantage.

Due to the increasing demand of phones, the internet and mobile induced services, many telecommunication companies have ventured into Africa, so much that almost each country has different telecoms running their mobile related services.

Mobile services like mobile money in particular have been a colossal boost to the ways that African people make their payments but it hasn’t been without challenges as well – the difference in telecoms pioneering the mobile money services has made sending and receiving money hard and in cases where it is possible, the costs are high. On top of which it is unrealistic for businesses to set up with all telecoms in Africa.

Fortunately, with the technological advancements came an online platform that helps link all mobile and banking systems to one another in the form of Dusupay – enabling businesses to send and receive money across Africa regardless of what payment system one uses i.e whether a business is using MTN Cameroon and wants to receive money from clients using Tigo in Ghana – Dusupay is the answer.

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