Kenya is steadily moving away from hard cash, this is highly attributed to the dominion of online payment innovations such as Mpesa. The success of Mpesa has changed the way many Kenyan business people transact, with its ability to transfer money directly onto a mobile device. This has rendered the traditional movement of tangible funds to be outdated.

With further innovations such as the inception of digital money, businesses are now able to pay and use cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin to transact with those that subscribe to the same if not similar digital finance. The government of Kenya however is still pondering whether to make the cryptocurrency craze a part of their legally accepted finances.

As for now, the use of cryptocurrency remains low key ; used by a limited number of people and businesses but nonetheless quite beneficial for those that are faithful towards the capabilities of digital money.

People that own cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin can now transact with those without thisdigital money in Kenya. Dusupay provides the link between crypto owners and business people on Mpesa by enabling them to pay using their cryptocurrency which then Dusupay pays out to the receiver on their Mpesa wallet and the reverse is true with Dusupay helping people to pay out to those that want to receive money as cryptocurrency. In addition, one can withdraw cryptocurrency from any Mpesa and relevant banks in Kenya.

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