Tanzanians have embraced the internet, online sales are set to grow rapidly, and with them, online payments. Technology and the internet have come hand in hand to suit African businesses better.

Mobile payments

To serve the local population and the rest of the world, online businesses need to be able to accept mobile payments. Vodafone M-Pesa is the dominant mobile payment platform, used for 98.5% of transactions by value. M-Pesa has become the de facto choice for both customers and businesses.There are three major m-banking networks: Vodacom (Vodafone) with 53% market share in m-money, Tigo with 18% share, and Airtel with 13% market share

  • thirty-five percent of households have at least one m-money account.
  • Thirty two percent of the population use exclusively m-money as a provider of financial services
  • Only 2% have an active traditional bank account.
  • Mobile money agents are scattered all over the country as seen below;

Hence showing the significance of your business being able to receive payments from mobile money which can be very well powered by Dusupay as it gives you a three in one ability to receive payments from all the three mobile money operators in the country with just one integration with Dusupay.

As for the international world, the same integration still applies hence building a bridge for the business and the rest of the world in terms of payments.

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