Culture is integral to the the lifestyle of Africans and how they choose to do certain things – in a nutshell, culture can be termed as the accepted norms, values and behavior of a group or a community.

For a business, understanding the lifestyle and culture of the market is critical to the success of its operations. What is a huge success among a particular group of people might be an epic failure among another set – business people that don’t comprehend this often ask themselves why a successful venture in one place didn’t replicate similar results elsewhere, but in most cases it is because they ignored this usually overlooked aspect.

There should a careful amount of attention to behavior, ethics, etiquette , working style, beliefs and habits. “The cultural nuances that affect organisations go beyond the basic greetings and languages spoken, it goes deeper than that.” – this statement says it all about the importance of understanding the lifestyles of people.

Conducting business in Africa, especially for newly venturing enterprises requires knowledge on how people choose to go about their daily transactions ; in Africa, the people are more accustomed to the simplistic ways of making payments after purchase rather than the sophisticated ways.

Times have led the African market to yearn more for businesses with an online presence due to the ease in placing orders and attaining the required service without having to move to the location of the business.

Payment isn’t any different, as many people have forsaken the ways of carrying out transactions by moving with tangible cash but instead opted for online payment systems. The variety of telecoms in the continent has made access of phones more of a necessity than a luxury, a fact that has swayed the majority into the popular mobile money as compared to services such as banking which are known for asking for many requirements when registering which repels people, the unavailability of bank branches in the deepest parts of rural areas makes the advocating for banks even more difficult.

Having established that it is key to have an online platform and to accept that mobile money is the way to go regarding payments, then businesses expanding to multiple countries in Africa have to figure out how best to receive their payments – this is because Africa has as many payment platforms as there are telecom companies.

What does Africa use to interlink the many mobile money options for businesses

The solution lies in the form of DUSUPAY which has remedied business lifestyle across a host of countries in Africa. Businesses have incorporated with the platform and through it, they have the ability to receive payments from their clients’ various mobile money systems that Dusupay streamlines and enables them receive it at once on their preferred money receipt alternative.

Through Dusupay, businesses have found a lot more success with little or no challenges in the receiving and money payment area in  Africa.

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