Based on the rate of mobile service usage in Tanzanian households, the potential of the industry growing is looking bright. 63% of households own or have access to a mobile phone and 56% of households have at least one active SIM card. Even among underprivileged households rural, unbanked and poor (living on less than $2 a day) around one half have access to a mobile phone and own a SIM card.

Vodacom M-Pesa is the leader in mobile money services while Tigo Pesa and Airtel Money are the second and third most popular m-money products, while Zantel’s Ezypesa market share is a minor player. Needless to say, one should be aware that Vodacom Mpesa is used by 53% of the mobile money clients in Tanzania and businesses intending to work with the Tanzanian people have a better success rate if they associate their brand with Vodacom and it’s products.

Vodacom and Dusupay – How businesses coming into Tanzania can benefit from the market share of Vodacom without changing from their own pay systems…..

Dusupay has simplified the process of transacting for businesses in Tanzania. Through a wide range of payment alternatives provided that are linked to Vodacom Mpesa through Dusapay’s assortment of services.

Businesses using pay systems such as MTN mobile money, Online banking etc can now connect with people in Tanzania at the convenience of terms suitable for them. A feat that is boosting business in Tanzania and all over Africa.

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