The way Africa is painted to the rest of the world has often been a tad hyperbolic to say the least – there is a common perception that the whole continent is plagued with disease, turmoil, poverty, below par facilities and various instabilities. Basically, to most that haven’t visited this beautiful continent, the perception in summary is that Africa a jungle.

Saying that the above mentioned aspects are not part of Africa would be a case of living in denial but stating that the above tells the whole story about the continent is an obscene injustice. Africa has progressed significantly from the time when it was known as “the dark continent”. 

The continent continues to eradicate the challenges it is commonly known for and boasts a series of blossoming factors about it that any part of the world would be proud of .For instance :

  • For many the quality of life is good. Contrary to what people think, many Africans live decently i.e a nice house, car and help out in their homes and communities.
  • Africa has greatly improved its infrastructure as well ; the 21st century brought with it many changes. Infrastructure, being key in development was given top priority. Every African country has improved its major roads, buildings are in better state and many more have been constructed etc
  • The tourism industry is booming and remains one of the core factors that lure people to visit a once ignored continent. Africa has some of the most marvelous spectacles in the sphere and has used them to boost the economies in the respective countries which has sold the brand that is Africa worldwide. Tourist attractions range from wildlife, nature, historical features  like the pyramids and the diverse culture etc.
  • Africa is venturing more into business investments –  countries such as Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania and Ghana are encouraging the people to participate more in business creations ; as a result the well being of people and the economy as a whole has been boosted through employment and taxes respectively.
  • Security has been strongly emphasized across the continent – the issue has been a communal focus with everyone playing a vigilant role that has ensured security is paramount. With the reduction in insecurity, other factors of development have been given the platform to progress.
  • Technology has been vastly embraced among the masses hence fueling development further – Africa is now at par with the rest of the world. People are fully aware of the benefits of technology which led to the birth of innovations like mobile money due to the fact that more than 90% of Africans own a mobile phone.
  • Mobile money has revolutionized many economies in Africa and how business is done. For instance in Kenya, you can make payments at most establishments, hotels and even to street vendors using mobile money with MPESA – Who needs credit cards and hard cash when you have a mobile phone.
  • Africa has embraced cross border trade – transactions across borders are now swift i.e one pays for goods and services across borders courtesy of DUSUPAY which links the different mobile money systems and banks in respective countries. Africa doesn’t worry about sending and receiving money across borders due to the efforts of Dusupay.

The above are a handful of factors among an otherwise large assortment that Africa has to offer – the World needs to know that the continent is hungry for more growth. Old perceptions should be forgotten and people need to realize that with time, Africa will be the ultimate social-economic promised land.

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