Online payment systems have revolutionised business transactions in Africa ensuring that buyers and sellers carry out business easily. Kenya, like any other nation, depends on certain types of payment modes to ensure effective money transfer or payments irrespective of the distance between the transacting parties.

Kenya’s population is dependent on the mobile money phenomenon particularly Mpesa as the most sound option, this suits its people comfortably for the perks it offers them that make it the undoubted avenue for all business owners and customers to use.

To fully understand Mpesa’s impact in Kenya, one has to emphasize that more than half of the country’s GDP (63.4 billion US dollars ) is transacted through this mobile money brand. That magnitude alone stipulates how much businesses around Africa should not underestimate Mpesa when venturing in this economy of over 46 million people.

Companies wanting to extend to Kenya have to find ways of maneuvering the mobile money brand in the country however this might not be the case for the incoming businesses who possess different payment modes thus arising a potential roadblock to their investment plans and how they hope to be accepting pay.

DusuPay brings together businesses in Africa with the Kenyan market connecting them by offering a service that enables businesses with different pay modes to accept pay from the Kenyan clientele that is controlled by Mpesa with assurance that DusuPay links the the payment modes therefore giving clients and businesses the power to work hand in hand without having to switch to different payment types they might not necessarily be accustomed to, which is a boost to Africa.