Rwanda is among many African nations that ride the tidal wave that is mobile money, the fact that more than half of the country’s population owns at least one mobile device per person has established mobile money as the dominant form of pay in the country.

Gone are the days when Rwandans would move cash to purchase what they needed, these days, it is just a matter of one tap on the phone and money is moved from point A to B regardless of distance and time.

There are many forms of payment in Rwanda but it is a safe bet for businesses dealing in the country to rely on mobile money ; particularly MTN mobile money as the go to pay mode to use as it handles more than 60% of the nation’s money transfers.

Business continues to evolve on a daily basis and Rwanda hasn’t fallen behind on the e-business craze – people get to visit pages and sites online to purchase what they need. This has been a huge help for people who don’t need to move long distances just to make purchases anymore.

How can online businesses integrate with mobile wallets in Rwanda effectively?

Online businesses are urged to look for a payment avenue that understands Africa’s payment habits and in this case, Rwanda’s habits specifically – with DusuPay, e-businesses targeting Rwanda have their work made easier for them.

HOW? – When an online business integrates with DusuPay in Rwanda, it is as easy as letting DusuPay do all the work ;  the DusuPay platform takes control of the process of collecting money for the business from Rwanda’s mobile wallets and banks while the business focuses on other aspects of their work knowing that their funds are in secure hands as they better their brands.