Nigeria has witnessed significant growth in its gaming landscape in the past 5 years. The betting industry of Nigeria has continued to grow due to the country’s large youthful population, increased internet penetration and the fact that internet-enabled devices have become more numerous among people.

The world needs to first and foremost understand that Nigeria’s has a staunch footballing culture – some of the big leagues such as the English Premier league and the Spanish La Liga have a huge following in Nigeria.

Therefore betting now provides Nigerians the chance to earn from something they passionately follow –  betting companies targeting the Nigerian market need to take note of this and customize their services accordingly.

Nigerians spent an average of 308 billion Naira in betting as of 2017  

Nigeria’s payments

Payments in Nigeria are predominantly through card payments. Being one of Africa’s few countries that do not use mobile money, the bank payment systems are developed quite well and betting companies need to know that payments by locals are through Mastercard, Visacard and Verve.

What can Betting companies from the rest of the world do to accept payments from Nigeria despite not using the country’s card payments ?

Africa has Dusupay to thank for streamlining payments across Africa – businesses on the continent and those that target to operate in Africa now know that they can accept payments and make payments from all African countries through one payment platform that is Dusupay.

In the case of Nigeria, betting companies have to simply integrate with Dusupay – once that is done, they have the ability to accept payments placed on bets from clients across Nigeria using the cards in the country or the banking systems.

Betting companies have the upper hand when using Dusupay to succeed in Nigeria.