Among the many things Africa is in love with, Sport ranks among the top 5. A way for people to express, entertain and come together as one for a common goal behind a given team or personality.

Over the years, the passion for sport has grown from merely just an entertainment but a source of income for people in Africa. Keeping tabs on ones favorite sport while making money off it – “ What more can one ask for ?


Mobile money – Africa’s payment lifestyle
African countries such as Nigeria possess over $45 billion in circulation in their betting industry as of 2017.”

Mobile money has greatly facilitated businesses on the continent with betting companies being some of the biggest benefactors of the payment service.

Mobile money is projected to expand to over $500 billion by 2025 in Africa – surely an avenue that any serious betting company would want to exploit to capture a bigger market base. This shows how Africa has chosen mobile payments as the region’s money moving alternative.

How then can companies coming from outside Africa capture the betting hungry market despite not having mobile money in their locations of origin ?

The first challenge a betting company will realize about Africa is the different mobile money platforms in the various countries. Mobile networks that handle the service are almost as numerous as the countries so incorporating with all can prove to be a long and costly process.

Dusupay streamlining payments Africa wide

Dusupay allows betting business to instantly collect funds from clients and payout to winners using mobile money. The Dusupay platform enables betting companies to connect with their clients as it brings all of Africa’s mobile payment services under one umbrella pay system.

This is convenient for businesses because they don’t have to set up many branches across Africa and avoid the hustle of joining all mobile money services but get to seamlessly accept payments from anywhere in Africa and at any time. 

Betting benefits with Dusupay

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