With increase in use of the internet and its related innovations on the continent to facilitate business, Africa’s variety of industries and businesses have adopted an online presence in their respective fields and also chosen more cash lite alternatives of receiving money and making payments.

Africa has a host of online payment systems aimed at serving the people, ranging from mobile induced payment alternatives to the card and bank powered means of pay. All aiming at one thing, convenience – some more than others however.

Among Africa’s 54 countries, almost each has its own kind of online payment that deals with how money moves in that specific economy. More often than not, businesses venturing into Africa search for a payment system that can cover a wider scope of the continent and still be reliable at what they do.

Many suggestions will be made about this, but here is why DusuPay is the go to payment system for Africa :

Fast Operation DusuPay provides payments infrastructure that businesses use to accept and make payments in Africa in the shortest period of time possible regardless of where payments are coming from or where they are headed in Africa.

Whether one is using mobile wallets or card payments, DusuPay’s platform allows a business to have money moved quickly regardless of the payment system used.

Secure Avenue for money movement – One of the biggest aspects for businesses is “how secure is their money when engaging in transactions” and that is what DusuPay is all about. Handling Africa’s money under a seamless one integration way of pay with a proven record of security for people’s hard earned money.

Emphasis on clear KYC documentation from all their clients is another fact that proves DusuPay as a platform that holds security to a high standard.

Affordable Services – Many e-businesses and money remittance companies often faced the issue of moving money to people in Africa or getting paid by Africans because of the high costs of moving money. With remittance companies, there was need to have a platform tailored for Africa with cheap costs instead of scaring the people away with costs derived from European markets.

Same thing applies to businesses aiming to get paid by the African market – people have been repelled because businesses force them to pay using cards and banks that charge them quite highly yet they can use their mobile wallets through DusuPay to make payments cheaply.

Global Payment alternative –  DusuPay makes it simple for businesses with an eye for global dominion to  expand their brands. Over 20 countries covered globally dealing with 2000 plus businesses all gaining from the growing business gem that is Africa.

Trusted by  hundreds of multi million dollar companies in the processing of payments with Africa – All businesses are advised to integrate with DUSUPAY.