There are various ways to carry out this research but with recent surveys conducted, it looks like Dusupay works better for betting companies and other businesses at large than other payment aides ; yet most of them are direct deliverers of money while Dusupay is simply an aide to money movement.

Dusupay avails more scale in Africa because it spreads across countries’ boundaries while other payment modes are restricted to particularly a few countries meaning that sending in others will be hard due to their absence.

In addition to the above, Dusupay integrates the same payment modes that are in this given comparison meaning all across Africa, people can still use the pay modes they are used to through Dusupay which allows you to send and receive money even from countries without the sender / receivers preffered pay system.

The Dusupay platform has also integrated with more payment alternatives including both bank services and mobile money meaning it covers the whole continent which is a plus for those sending from one African country to another and those from beyond (globally).

In summary

  1. Dusupay covers a host of African countries meaning wider options for senders.
  2. Dusupay has a more friendly price range on its packages for those sending than others using other alternatives.
  3. Dusupay not only aides sending of money but also provides helpful insights through content targeting betting more than other aspects that are generic in their approach. Online Betting Companies and a couple built for each other in Africa.

Dusupay is a guaranteed platform to give betting companies an edge therefore suiting the betting industry in Africa than any other online payment aide.

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