Africa was perceived as a late bloomer because of catching onto trends when the rest of the world had already done so, in the same spirit of comparison – global businesses haven’t been treating expansion to Africa as a priority because the continent was slow to pick up on the various technological innovations that were driving the rest of the business world.

Because of the above, many businesses decided to have limited or absolutely nothing to do with Africa – for those that took the effort of extending their services to the continent, were met with disappointing results. This was because global businesses never took the time to fully understand what makes Africa tick but instead assumed that the ways of the rest of world would apply to Africa too.

This affected many businesses for quite a while who unknowingly repelled clients as they subjected card payment and bank systems to the locals. Much as these were good, a small group of people subscribed to them which didn’t count for sensible business numbers hence business operations not thriving as expected.

The turning point

After sometime, businesses began realizing that Africa’s payment preference is through mobile means (mobile money). It was clear as day that Africa had started accommodating a variety of telecommunication companies which led majority of the people to embrace and own mobile phones.

The mobile payment service was a big hit in 85% of the continent, simply because everyone owned a mobile device and registered for mobile money in their respective country due to the convenience it provided people to send money from anywhere and at anytime. Many Africans preferred to have a mobile money account rather than a bank account because of the procedures and restrictions that banks come with on payments that many don’t like.

Global businesses buy into Mobile money

On realizing the impact of mobile money, global businesses decided to tailor their platforms to start accepting payments through this avenue as well, business started to pick gradually since people could pay conveniently for much needed services regardless of whether they were in the most rural of areas.

The numerous mobile money platforms of Africa and its challenge

International companies that aimed at operating in more than one African country faced a slight predicament in the form of a variety of mobile money options i.e MTN, Airtel, Vodacom Mpesa, Orange, Tigo etc. The cost and procedures of incorporating with all were inconveniencing to say the least.

Dusupay availing an Africa wide alternative

Dusupay is Africa’s solution for businesses that want to operate across the continent and their clients using a plethora of mobile networks. Dusupay allows businesses accept payments from all mobile money platforms using one avenue that helped speed up and simplify payments to businesses from across Africa.

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