With the excitement of launching a business in a new country comes a lot of things to consider, especially the online kind of business. It’s easy to ignore the need for licenses and permits in countries or simply assume that laws governing business are the same everywhere – which is not the case.

Failing to do these simple things are some of the most common mistakes that new entrepreneurs make, that eventually give them a lot of headache when time comes and the authorities come knocking.

Benefits of having a business license in a country

  • Allows you to operate in the area without having to tussle with police and the rest of the relevant authorities.
  • Eases the process of entering into partnerships with other companies, the government and telecommunication networks in the countries they are based.
  • Clients and investors often fear to fall victim of fraud where they risk losing their money – with relevant business licenses, clients and investors are more assured that the business is legit and can be trusted.
  • In case there is need for a business to get a loan, the process becomes a lot smoother when the relevant certifying documentation is in place.
  • This registration ensures that a business’ interests are a priority because the authorities approve of their services and endorse what they do therefore making work in the specific countries easy.

Businesses are advised to liaise their services with equally legit and licensed payment platforms in whatever country they venture into.

For Africa’s sake, businesses (particularly those with an online presence) are advised to look out for DusuPay in the payments sector because :

  1. DusuPay has taken time to understand the legalities and frame work of moving money among African countries.
  2. DusuPay is fully licensed and endorsed in all the countries that it deals with.
  3. Emphasis on a non-fraudulent policy is high on the terms that DusuPay upholds.
  4. Receiving money and making payments gets easier because the business is dealing with a trusted payment platform.


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