The people of Africa are very passionate when it comes to sports especially football or soccer as known to others. With the FIFA World cup around the corner, the excitement is expected to skyrocket as the world’s most celebrated football event returns.

There are a number of reasons as to why Africa will be celebrating the World cup ; aside from the fact that there are several African teams carrying the hopes of an entire continent, the people are also eagerly anticipating an increase in the betting craze. All 64 games with enticing odds to capitalise on to win big.

Africa’s population is 55% composed of the youth of whom 78% are active partakers in day to day betting – this presents a unique opportunity for global betting brands to tap into the African market and for betting companies already in operation; a chance to spread their wings even wider.

For venturing businesses, this would be a perfect time to take a swing at dealing with Africa’s ever hungry betting populace.

What betting companies need to understand when going about this

Africa presents a vast challenge for betting companies in terms of collections of bets placed (money) and paying out to winners as well because of the fact that different regions on the continent have distinct payment systems that work for them.

There is no single payment mode that dominates how Africa pays all round the continent – mobile wallets are what is popularly used but even those are divided depending on what networks the country in perspective accommodates.

Some countries such as Nigeria and South Africa are more inclined towards bank systems and their related cards (Visa, MasterCard).

What Africa has that the rest of the world doesn’t know

Africa has a platform that allows all of its online payments to make transactions through one avenue regardless of region – DusuPay provides Betting companies with a single avenue on which they can collect money from their clients across the continent and pay out as well with one integration.

It only makes sense for the biggest in the business to align with the biggest payment processor in Africa.

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